Our Mission is to provide members with services, programs, and benefits designed to promote their success thereby enhancing the wellbeing of the Carroll County Community.

  • Mary Ann Smerdel-Lybrook, President
  • Barb Hickner, Vice-President
  • Pat Casserly, Treasurer/Secretary


  • Dick Bradshaw
  • Scott Brosman
  • Laurie Brower
  • Bret Hanaway
  • Jami Weaver
  • Paul Branham
  • Keith Thackery
  • Cathy Butcher
  • Lauren Weaver
  • Nate LaMar
  • Ashley Wilson
Office: 215 S. Washington St., Delphi, Indiana
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 175, Delphi 46923
Telephone: (765) 564-6757

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